Watercolor by Dyanne Strongbow Weber

Watercolor by Dyanne Strongbow Weber

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Artist: Dyanne Strongbow Weber
Medium: Watercolor
Dimensions: 25.25″ x 21.25″

Extended Description

Dyanne Strongbow Weber is a native Texan, born and raised in the rolling hill country of Austin. She holds a bachelors degree in Commercial Art from Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State). Dyanne has many years of work experience in this field and she feels that it has helped tremendously with her fine art.

Her earlier paintings were of a traditional style, portraying the rustic Texas landscape. But an increased awareness of her Indian Heritage has focused her work on native American subjects.

Dyanne, whose lineage is Choctaw, portrays the past and sometimes forgotten lifestyles of many tribes in her art, placing special emphasis on culture, feelings and values. To do this she employs the use of composites of over-lapping subjects, and subtle washes. Together these techniques help to produce a hazy glimpse of the way things once were.