Virginia Garcia Pottery

Virginia Garcia Pottery

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Artist: Virginia Garcia
Dimensions: 8″x7″
San Juan Pueblo/ Santa Clara Pueblo
Born 1963
Favorite design: Bear Paws

Awards: 1991 1st Undecorated Wedding Vase/ Sante Fe
1993 2nd at Indian Market Santa Fe

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Extended Description

“I mainly do traditional style because it’s more beautiful. My grandmother [Severa Tafoya] started with traditional. My mother [Lydia Garcia] didn’t do too much pottery She did it when I grew up. Tina [Garcia, her sister] caught on, but I didn’t get into pottery until 1987, then Tina and my boyfriend encouraged me to work. They kind of pushed, they wanted to see how well I could do. I was messing around at Tina’s and she said I should continue. My first pots were pretty bad. I watched the different ways she worked. I work with water jar forms, round bear paw bowls, and wedding vases. I’m starting to get into melon bowls now. I do both black and red, and I don’t do carving.”

Virginia is a sister of noted potters Tina and Greg Garcia. She is a daughter of Lydia Tafoya and a granddaughter of Severa Tafoya. She is also an aunt of Jason Garcia. Virginia is known for her traditional style of pottery focusing on classic Santa Clara shapes. She also created a distinctive “plum” color in her pottery in the late 1990’s. This coloration was created through her firing technique. Today, she no longer makes pottery but her work is still classic in form and style!