Sky World Guardian Mask by Peter Ray James

Sky World Guardian Mask by Peter Ray James

$356.00 $200.00

Artist: Peter Ray James
Ceramic w/mixed medium
Dimensions: 11.25″ x 10.75″

Peter Ray James, Navajo artist, is a creator of Spiritual Fabric Art. James is a 1984 honors graduate of the Institute of American Indian Arts of Santa Fe, New Mexico. He has also attended the Parsons School of Design in New York City. Peter Ray James introduced his art to the competitive Indian Art world in the spring of 1988. Since then he has sold a little over 1,200 masks and 900 canvases. His art has been on album covers, prominent art show posters, and numerous newspaper and magazine covers. His Celebrity collectors include Ahmad and Felicia Rashad, Ted Danson, John Bon Jovi , and Wynonna Judd. “I am known among my Navajo people as Nahat’a Yilth Yil Wood one who delivers the message”. It is my Navajo name that braids many generations of prayers, symbolism, tradition, honor, knowledge, and love. I truly believe my destiny is to be a storyteller through my artist endeavors. I am always honored and respectful to represent my family name in my homeland and abroad”.
Extended Description

ames introduced his art to the competitive Indian art world in late 1988.  Since then he has sold well over 2,000 masks and 4,000 Fabric “Spirit Dolls.”  His art has been on an album and magazine cover, prominent art show posters, and numerous newspaper articles.  His celebrity collectors include:  Felicia Rashad, Ted Danson, Jon Bon Jovi, and Wynonna Judd.

James states, “I know it is in my heart to create art.  There is also a process where nothing separates from one another.  All life, and it’s environment, display completeness”.

The artist does these innovative colorful masks, Spirit Dolls, Fabric Wall Hangings, and occasional paintings that are sought after for collections only.  “As a Multi-Medium Artist, God has delivered me such opportunity of intermingling materials that are raw and processed.  I refer to this combination as a merging of venture and spiritual discoveries.  Speaking and understanding two languages, living in two worlds, and raising a family has its privileges.  I am existing where duality is often primitive yet enchanting.  Humility and humbleness categorically motivate the creative aspect because serving my own culture is a circular activity that demands solitude and wisdom.  When I start a project, I sit at the table of creativity and let the symbols drift into the visual art effortlessly.

I am known among my Navajo People as Nahat’a Yil Yil Wood – One Who Delivers the Message.  The name is an inheritance from my late maternal Grandfather.  The goal of the name is not to lead nor heighten prestige, but to be a learner amongst a community of benevolent people.  Happily, I  exercise the daily spiritual activities: prayer, understanding, knowledge, faith, love and charity with respect to my name.  I truly believe my destiny is to be a storyteller through my artistic endeavor.”

“Art is my life, my life is art.  My fingerprints weave beauty that ruminate my life within devotion and prosperity.  God has enriched me with a wondrous trail fusing today and tomorrow’s symbolism.  I am graciously thankful everyday to be on a “Spiritual” journey with God spearheading the way for me”.