Ron Suazo Pottery

Ron Suazo Pottery

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Artist: Ron Suazo
Dimensions: 3″ x 6.5″

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Extended Description

This prize-winning potter is related to famed painters Pablita Velarde and Helen Hardin. His artistic genes are evident not only in the finely defined shapes and interesting finishes of his pieces, but in the exquisite intricacy of their decoration.

He uses a combination of traditional feather designs, bear paws and other early motifs, in a contemporary way, accented with inlaid turquoise, coral, lapis, and other stones. His pots are usually created with a variety of techniques especially sgrafitto – incised designs – carving, stone polish, and “burn off”, which reveals areas of underlying tan clay, on his black pottery. Only certain areas are polished, leaving most of the pot with a matte finish. The added bits of vivid stones bring shots of shiny color to the matte areas.

This unusually shaped seed pot is covered with a variety of feather patterns. Feathers traditionally carry prayers to the heavens; for a seed pot, these would involve hopes for an abundant harvest. the turquoise and coral represent sky and earth; male and female. As traditional as are the meaning and the patterns, the form of the pot is entirely his own creation.This gives the whole piece a very individual allure.

The complexity and precision of this fine potter’s designs are matched by the precise forms of his pieces. Each pot is an astonishing ensemble of the most accomplished technique, skill and artistry.