Maxine Toya Pottery (2 included)- Town Crier

Maxine Toya Pottery (2 included)- Town Crier

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Artist: Maxine Toya
Dimensions: 7.5″ x 3″
Includes 2 Town Criers

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Extended Description

Maxine is from a prominent family of potters: grandmother Persingula Gachupin, mother Marie G. Romero, sister Laura Gachupin, and daughters Dominique and Camilla Toya were and are respected, prize-winning artists. In addition to being a noted award-winning potter, Maxine has had a distinguished career as an educator in the Jemez Pueblo school system, from which she recently retired.

She follows the older generation’s legacy of making primarily figures. Hers are notable for their elegance of form and finish. She has said “I want to achieve the balance between traditional and contemporary.” Her work shows that she has achieved that.