Marie Juanico Pottery

Marie Juanico Pottery

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Artist: Marie Juanico
Dimensions: 8″ x 9″

This older potter from Acoma is well-known and respected for her beautifully formed, finely painted, traditional work. She enjoys all the steps of traditional potting, from mixing the clay, making the paints by mixing different earth pigments, coiling, smoothing and pit-firing. Marie Juanico Pottery, she says, achieve their own forms; she just follows. If the shapes are old-style, she will decorate with strictly traditional designs; if the emerging form is contemporary, she creates her own, innovative patterns that still are rooted in Acoma Pueblo tradition. Her daughter, Delores Aragon, who was named after Marie’s mother, Delores Sanchez, is continuing the family art.

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Extended Description

Marie Juanico learned pottery making from her mother, Delores Sanchez, who lived to the age of 103. Marie carries forward her mother’s tradition of creating fine pottery in the old way. She has passed the tradition on to her daughter, Delores Aragon.

“Marie enjoys doing her own ‘creative work from scratch.’ She said that she likes to ‘mix clay, make paint and mix different color earth pigments.’ Pottery making is her main source of income, but it’s ‘what I want and like to do.’

“Marie feels that her pots take on their own desired forms naturally. If the shape comes out old style, she uses traditional Acoma designs. If the shape emerges in a contemporary style, she innovates her own patterns. She explained, ‘There’s (sic) no two pots alike; they each have meaning.’” Schaaf, 2002