Deer Dancer by Ronald Honyouti

Deer Dancer by Ronald Honyouti

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Artist: Ronald Honyouti
Dimensions: 5″ x 10″

Deer Dancer- Hopi Prayer For Rain

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Extended Description

Ronald Honyouti is a top award-winning carver from a family of talented artists. He lives in the rhythm of Hopi life. ‘I get up in the morning, go over to my Mom’s, go to the fields and take care of my corn, beans, and melons and then get to carving.’

“Upon winning the 1985 SWAIA Fellowship, the Indian Market producers stated: ‘Ronald Honyouti’s kachinas are carved from a single piece of cottonwood root and lightly painted with oils and stains. The natural grain of wood shows through and gives them a sense of underlying motion and grace.'” Ronald Honyouti of Hopi Pueblo learn carving from his father Clyde Honyouti. Two of 4 bothers also carve Katsina’s they are Lauren Honyouti and Brian Honyouti.