Cochiti Indian 8″ Sun And Plants Drum

Cochiti Indian 8″ Sun And Plants Drum


Height: 8″
Width: 1.5″
Artist: Frank Martin

The rawhide surface of a Cochiti Indian Drum is painstakingly hand painted using sacred Navajo Indian sand-painting figures in bright and vibrant colors. The talented artist who does this is Frank Martin. Fran is a proud member of the Dine Nation.

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Extended Description

To make each drum, the craftspeople combine their individual skill and vision with the finest woods, leathers and out natural, renewable resources. This produces a drum with not only rare quality but also its own appearance and voice. In fact, you may notice subtle changes in the sound of your drum every day as it responds to changes in the temperature, humidity and even the spirit you bring to it.

What is the painting?
The painting is of the Sun and Plants

How to care for your drum:
Very little care is needed for your Drum. Keep it dry and store it where it will not be exposed to extremes of humidity and temperature.
An occasional application of TANNERY Leather & Vinyl Cleaner and Conditioner to the rawhide head and lacings will help maintain its appearance and durability. Do not apply to painted area. Be sure to let the surface area dry before placing heavy objects on drums. Note that some initial darkening of the leather may occur in the first 24 hours, after which it will return to its original color.