Burntwater/ Wild Ruins Navajo Rug by Belinda Six

Burntwater/ Wild Ruins Navajo Rug by Belinda Six

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Weaver: Belinda Six
Dimensions: 40″ x 58″
Pattern: Burntwater/ Wild Ruins

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Extended Description

The Burntwater rug style originated north of the Rio Puerco Valley near Sanders, Arizona. In 1968, Philomena Yazzie was the first Navajo weaver to combine the design elements of bordered rugs, from Ganado and Two Grey Hills, with the earth-toned vegetal-dyed colors from the Crystal regional style. Navajo rug traders and collectors alike quickly embraced this new look.

Using both commercial and handspun yarns, the Burntwater has evolved into a bordered rug that has become increasingly intricate and complex in both its geometric center and accompanying design elements. Its plant- source colors reflect the unique beauty of the Southwest by using rich earth tones and soft pastels.

Starting in the 1940s, Sally and William Lippincott, owners of the trading post at Wide Ruins, Arizona worked with the weavers in their area to develop highly detailed banded patterns rendered in vegetal dyes. Most Wide Ruins rugs are characterized by very fine, tightly-spun yarns and a flat, even weave. They feature the full range of new vegetal colors including soft green, mauve, terra cotta, and pale purple, pink and blue as well as the more common yellow, gold, brown, and tan. Black is rare in Wide Ruins weavings. The designs look like finely rendered, small-scale versions of Chinle and Modern Crystal rugs, and often incorporate narrow bands of the wavy line motif.