Ascending Spirits by Paladine H. Roye

Ascending Spirits by Paladine H. Roye

$545.00 $250.00

Artist: Paladine H. Roye
Dimensions: 23.75 x 30.75″

“The stories, dreams and ways of old are slipping through our people’s hands. The legends of the wolf, the dragonfly and swallow float away; elements of the sacred circle are no longer,” -Paladine H Roye, deceased (Ponca Tribe)
Extended Description

Paladine H Roye “full blooded Ponca Native American Indian) was exposed to much Kiowa art as a child. His grandfather often pointed out good paintings to him; his grandfather had great influence on Paladine. Art opened many doors for Paladine H Roye (Ponca Tribe), and through his art he met many people, and many people came to know him.

His tribal name was “Pon-Cee-Cee” which meant “ out for this one.” Paladine did not need to seek visions; he released visions through his art so that others could see.

Paladine was a Vietnam Veteran.

Paladine works in acrylic, watercolor, gouache & prints.

Paladine has exhibited his artwork extensively & has won numerous awards at the:
• American Indian Art Festival & Market (Dallas, TX)
• Colorado Indian Market (Denver, CO)
• Cherokee National Museum (Tahlequah, OK)
• Heard Museum Guild Indian Fair & Market (Phoenix, AZ)
• Inter-Tribal Indian ceremonials (Gallup, NM)
• Philbrook Museum of Art (Tulsa, OK)
• Red Earth Festival (Oklahoma City, OK)
• Santa Monica (CA) Indian ceremonial
• Indian Arts of America’s Twin Cities Indian Market & Juried Art Show (St. Paul, MN)
• Tulsa (OK) Art Fesival
• Pow Wow & the Pasadina (CA) Indian & Western show.

Paladine has artwork featured in the Thomas Gilcrease Institute of American History & Art (Tulsa, OK).